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Dealership hours of operation
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President's Message


Hello, and thank you for visiting our website.
We're glad you've taken notice of us! You've got good reason to - we are a brand to watch out for. Even the toughest industry critics have been heaping praise on our terrific line-up of vehicles. Our Awards page (click here) is full of product accolades for everything from quality to "green-ness", and from safety to styling.
Awards are important; to you as a consumer, because they prove you're investing in a product respected by industry experts, and to us as an automotive company, because they demonstrate that critics and analysts are recognizing the quality of our products. But we know that as a Canadian consumer, you are equally interested in the environment - if not even more so.
I'm therefore happy to report that at Hyundai, this is a top priority and that our R&D efforts in this area are paying off. You may have preconceived notions of who the top environmental automakers are, so we urge you to do your research before making your next vehicle purchase decision.
We are working every day to ensure that the features and characteristics that are important to you in a vehicle - fuel efficiency, low emissions and safety - are built into every single vehicle that we produce. We will continue those efforts and hope to bring you products that meet or exceed your expectations. On behalf of all of us at Hyundai Auto Canada, thank you for thinking of us and for giving us a try. We hope you enjoy our website…and better yet, we hope that when you try one of our products, you'll love it half as much as we do.
Steve Kelleher
President and CEO
Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.